What’s The Purpose Of A Butt Plug?

Nowadays, butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys among a large number of users. The simple design of a butt plug can totally help people to enjoy a hands-free stimulation of the anal area for a prolonged period of time. This particular sex toy can accomplish a basic task very effectively since they would always stay in place. There is no wonder why this particular sex toy is becoming everyone’s favorite. But what exactly is the purpose of butt plugs? And why do many people are using this particular sex toy? Read on this article to find out.

All About Butt Plugs

A very common misconception about the butt plug is that they are used only as a tool to prepare for anal sex. However, butt plugs are amazing sex toys, because they will allow you to focus on other pleasure centers, while they just simply stay in there. In fact, well-positioned butt plugs should not be pushed in or pulled out until the particular sexual play is done.

Butt plugs leave both hands of the partner, and therefore free to roam elsewhere in your partner’s body. For example, wearing a butt plug is a great way of enhancing the experience while giving and receiving oral sex or while enjoying a sensual massage. Butt plugs can be combined with all kinds of sexual play, including vaginal intercourse.

Butt plugs serve the purpose of facilitating sexual pleasure because they will apply pressure to certain erogenous zones and create the feeling of fullness. When it comes to sex, the pressure is greatly underestimated and overshadowed by the so-called in and out motion. In fact, the pressure is what enables many people to climax and experience great pleasure, both in the vaginal and anal aspect.

It’s been always a common misconception that butt plugs are just used as a warm-up for anal intercourse. Of course, they can be, but they can also be the main course, as well. You can wear them for sole pleasure, as a part of your masturbation routine, just because they make you feel naughty, or even during a date in public. Each partner can be wearing them during a vaginal sex, or even during the entire intimate time together. However, what we like most about the butt plugs, is that can actually be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of the age, gender or sexual orientation.