Does A Sex Doll Have An Entire Body?

Are you curious about what a sex doll is and how it is made? There are many types out there and probably you have seen one or two of them in some movies or on TV. There are even love dolls that come in plastic material and those that are only manufactured head up.

The question is are there love dolls that are life-sized? The answer is yes, you can find plenty of anatomically-correct love dolls ranging from cheap prices to highly expensive ones. You might even be surprised that there are robotic love dolls nowadays. All of which have an entire functioning body.

What You Need To Know About Love Dolls

A sex doll can function more than just a toy. If you look at them closely, they are also works of art. The best love dolls are made with a lot of time and effort placed on them. They can be made out of the best quality materials and have very meticulous details embedded to them. Gone are the days of love dolls looking like plastic dolls you can discard, they look more sophisticated and realistic nowadays.

What many people enjoy when getting love dolls is that they can customize them to their liking. You can choose to form the height, size, and weight of the love doll. Not only that you can also pick out what hair color, hair length, and eye color you’d like your love doll to have.

Many love dolls have an entire body. You can find the ace, the head, the pelvis, and the legs altogether. But you can also get partial love dolls, these are dolls that come with anatomical body parts. These exist because most love dolls can have their body parts exchanged or removed when needed.

What’s The Process For Creating Love Dolls?

Love dolls go through an entire manufacturing process. They are a mix of chemicals and powder which is then poured into a doll mold. They are then assembled as per their parts. The skeleton is mostly handcrafted and made out of PVC pipe as well as steel joints. There are love dolls that are heavy while there are those made out of lightweight materials.

After the liquid mixture is cooled, the mold is removed and the doll is again molded to perfection by hand. It is then cleaned and in some cases, they are fitted with a high-gloss finish to make them look and feel smooth. This is where the finishing touches come and the dolls get sent to their owners.

Is Oral Sex With A Sex Doll Satisfying?

There are some customers have known about sex dolls for a long time. However, some users of sex dolls are not even sure if the mouth of the sex doll can actually open. Well, apparently the lips of sex dolls don’t seem to be open, but we tend to overlook such an important function of those lips. As long as you gently pry open her lips, you will find a deep, good mouth waiting for your stick.

Sex dolls available for men usually have three entrances that would allow you to insert yourself into: the mouth, the anus, and the vagina. These beautiful sex dolls are primarily designed to give you the ultimate sexual pleasure. Of course, the breasts of sex dolls can also be fun for you. You can find many beautiful sex dolls on a large number of adult shops, both physical and online.

Oral Sex with Your Sex Doll: How to Prepare and Perform

Knowing that your sex doll can serve you with her beautiful mouth, it is time for you to know how to prepare and how to do oral sex with your beautiful sex doll. The first thing to do, is to clean the mouth of your doll. You need to sterilize it first and clean up the possible contamination in the mouth.

To avoid the low temperature of silica gel affecting your experience, you can use a heating rod to warm up her mouth before you start. Of course, please remember that it’s just heated properly. If the temperature is too high, then you will be scalded. Please don’t put the heating rod in your doll’s mouth and leave for a long time. It can damage your doll and even cause a fire. Unlike humans who produce saliva, sex dolls need lubricants. You need to use water-based lubricants to increase lubrication before you start, so that your rooster will not be injured by great friction.

Find a suitable position that suits you and your doll will make your sexual process more perfect. A proper posture can prevent you from getting hurt, and it can also make you enjoy oral sex more fully and continuously. Sex dolls do not get tired or need time to breathe. They can keep you comfortable. You can change the cadence and intensity to experience the pleasure that your mouth gives you to reach the pinnacle of pleasure in constant stimulation.